Editorial Joventut

Editorial Joventut

Logotype for Editorial Joventut, a Catalan publishing house founded over 100 years ago. It has an extensive catalogue of titles on a wide variety of themes. A tribute to Joan Trochut’s Súper-Veloz modular typographic system, the logo seeks to highlight the publisher’s historic legacy while evoking its modern and timeless character. The symbol forms the core of the visual identity. The initial J for Joventut works independently and as part of the word, creating the new logotype. A symbol-cum-monogram. Two letters in one. The letter J is made up of two letters, the e and the J, the initials of “editorial Joventut”. The light and delicate calligraphy of the letter e contrasts with the solid, firm, block-like typography of the letter J.

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Joan Casaramona